Controlling Emotions and Mastering Trading Psychology

Camilla Boldracchi, PhillipCapitalUK
24/May/2018 15:14

During this video, we will have a chance to cover topics aimed at helping you overcome psychological drawbacks such as how thinking, feeling and emotions affect traders, training to regulate negative emotions and learning tips to best adapt to new circumstances.

We will also provide you with practical self-assessment tips and best practices for you to integrate in your everyday strategies. The webinar will be led by Camilla Boldracchi, EMEA Sales Executive and Account Manager at PhillipCapital UK.

Master The Technical Analysis Basics in 45 Minutes!

Nathan Sage, PhillipCapitalUK
29/Mar/2018 15:03

In this video we'll cover the first steps of technical analysis including:

- Understanding Japanese Candlesticks
- Support and Resistance Levels
- Technical Indicators
- Candlesticks Patterns

PLUS the common mistakes that new technical analysis traders make and how to avoid them.

Are rate hikes required?

Andrew Hall, PhillipCapitalUK
02/Mar/2018 14:33

We discuss with Wayne Bishop, Ethical Fund Manager at King & Shaxson, whether rate rises are required by the Bank of England, European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve.