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Expiry Dates

Contract expiry

CFD contracts

PhillipCapital UK offer CFD contracts in Oil, Copper and Natural gas which are derived from the futures market. Each month, the contracts for UKOil, USOil, NGas and Copper will expire and the new month’s contract will begin trading. As a result, clients positions will need to be liquidated prior to the expiry of the contract.

Clients who do not liquidate their own position by the cut off time will have their position liquidated by PhillipCapital UK at the relevant market price; the only consequence of this is the client will realise any floating P/L at the time it is closed. It is then up to the client to reinstate a position for the next month’s contract if they wish to do so. The expiry dates for the contracts will be updated on this section of the website regularly.

Our Proccess

In the days before expiry, PhillipCapital UK will:

Contact clients with positions still open
Close all open positions at market price on the expiry date as per the table above at the following times:

  • UK Oil – 21:30
  • US Oil - 21:30
  • NGAS – 21:30
  • Copper – 21:30

All working orders will be cancelled. Note: Clients will only be able to liquidate positions on the day prior to expiry.

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