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Trading Central is a leading independent investment research provider to financial market professionals. Trading Central has received global recognition for their award winning methodology, providing technical strategies to leading financial institutions.

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Markets Never Sleep

Daily Newsletter

With a live account, receive a daily newsletter directly to your inbox providing technical analysis for key markets of interest. This newsletter can complement your trading, whatever your strategy.

Customisable online Portfolio

Trading Central and PhillipCapital UK offer you an online portfolio in which you can monitor instruments you wish to trade with continuously updated analysis for all major currency pairs, index CFDs and commodities. Customise your portfolio to track instruments that matter to you.

MT4 Charting

The Trading Central MT4 plug-in is available on the PhillipCapital UK terminal for live clients, giving you the chance to project analysis onto live charts with updates to analysis throughout the day.

Multiple Instruments and timeframes

Trading Central analysis covers a range of instruments across their portfolio,newsletter and plug-in so you will be able to find technical analysis on most instruments of your choice.

Start the right way

We’ve removed as many unnecessary barriers as we can, making it as easy and simple as possible to start trading