MT4 User Guide - Section 6 - Tick Chart

MT4 User Guide - Section 6 - Tick Chart

Section 6 - Tick Chart – Basis of data analysis. MT4 graphs record price changes and allows various analytical objects to be placed onto the chart including line studies, technical and custom indicators, texts and geometrical figures. Up to 99 charts can be open at a given time. New windows can be opened by selecting ‘File>New Chart’ or ‘Window>New Window’ or by selecting the graph button on the tool bar . New charts can also be opened form the market watch window by dragging a symbol into the chart area.

Inserting Indicators onto your Chart

It is possible to place various analytical objects into our MT4 graph by selecting ‘Insert’ from the Main Menu Tab. A drop down list of the various indicators, lines, shapes etc will appear.

Or you can enable the line studies by selecting View>Toolbars>Line Studies and the standard line studies tool bar will appear below the main menu:


Saving a chart Template

It is possible to save chart parameters so they are stored in memory allowing the client to gain access to their preferred chart parameters.

Cleints can access the templates by selecting >Charts>Template from the main menu or by right clicking on the chart area and selecting ‘Template’. Below are the options the client will see:

  1. Template – Selecting template will expand the template options below.
  2. Save Template – Having set the chart up with the clients preferred parameters (indicators, candle types etc), it is posisbl to save the template by selecting the save option.
  3. Load Template – Load template will allow the client to search their compute for saved templates.
  4. List of Templates – The drop down box will list a set of predetermined templates as well as any saved templates the client has used.

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